9 Top QR Code Uses to Help your Business Grow

Quick Response codes (QR codes) can be a great marketing vehicle to help investors and consumers
find valuable information fast.

Here are 9 uses of QR codes that are important to biotech companies: 

1. Make First Impressions Last: Business Cards, Name Tags and More

Share contact information instantly through a QR code on your business card or nametag at an event. Maybe even a t-shirt? This is about making a memorable connection and humor can be good in the right setting. How can your story resonate in a crowd and remain memorable beyond the occasion?

2. Events and Conferences: Getting them to your Booth and Beyond
If it’s a large conference, help lead attendees to your booth before the event gets started by including a QR promotion on conference materials and maps. If you are trying to connect with a certain audience, a QR code on your business card or postcard could invite VIPs to special sessions, cocktail parties or presentations you might be hosting to gain valuable face time.

Look for ways your company can participate in conference-hosted ideas – scavenger hunts.

The BIO Convention is in Boston in June, how might you use QR codes to your advantage there?

3. Print Collateral and Advertising: Bring it to Life
Engage your audience beyond the printed page. With a QR code, print material becomes interactive – leading your audience to a world of information. For consumers, demonstrate how a product works in real time or share a product review. For investors, share your latest research or a direct link to a fundraising campaign. QR codes can provide your biotech or non-profit organization a unique marketing opportunity to engage your audience and create conversation beyond the printed page.

4. POS and Beyond: Labeling & Packaging
Help consumers find what they need most, whether it’s helping a researcher make a purchasing decision at the lab store or using a product at the bench after the sale. QR codes on product packaging can direct shoppers to reviews, FAQs and discounts next purchases. Offer researchers a link to video instructions and related products to expand their awareness. Create a calendar where they can track expiration dates or enable them to track the origin of ingredients for product authenticity. This unexpected, valuable information may help more products leave the shelf.

5. Customer Retention & Product Development: Surveys
Encourage existing consumers to offer feedback about your products and services with a quick survey. Value their opinions by continuing the conversation or include a special offer. Their input could lead to product development ideas.

6. New Product or Service Launch
Direct your audience to a specific area of your website to learn about a new product or service. Offer a special purchase promotion. Better yet, incorporate a video showing the products’ unique selling points in real time.

7. Fundraising
Offer a unique link to a new campaign where people can learn more, donate or download a special offer coupon.

8. Your Social Brand:
Guide consumers to like or follow your brand instantly on Facebook and Twitter. Use a QR code to lead to a blog post that had great readership.

9. Investor Relations
Direct investors to your annual report which sometimes can be difficult to find on your website. Share a video demonstrating recent research findings or important financials that require more dynamic content.

So many possibilities! Put your creative thinking caps on, have fun and remember…

Successful QR campaigns offer REAL value, not just promotion. 

An additional article that may be of interest: Biotech Branding: Why QR Codes Are Important To Biotech Companies

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  2. Curtis Duhart says:

    QR codes are really nice and much more convenient to use.’

    Please do have a look at our blog

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