In-house Biotech Branding Teams: Fresh Inspiration from the Creative Streets

Fresh beats from the HOW Design Conference to keep your biotech marketing team inspired.


  • If we do not have respect from the people we work with/for we have nothing. –  Joe Duffy.
  • The more open you are to understanding others, the more effective your every action will be. –
  • Stay humble. Life has a way of reminding you when you’re not. –  David Sherwin
  • When you think you’ve asked all the questions you can, ask one more. – Sam Harrison
  • Ask for help. Find a mentor. –  Brad Dressler


  • “Ideas are easy. Strategy is much harder.” – Debbie Millman 
  • An architect doesn’t go out and build two buildings and say “Ok, which one do you like?” – Jake Lefebure 
  • So you’re an app developer? Fine and dandy, but do you know how to tell a story? Gael Towey 
  • Typography is to type as voice is to speech. – Jason Cranford Teague 
  • “What’s the difference between a logo and a brand? About $500,000″ – Louise Fili 
  • Of roughly 150K fonts in existence, only 11 are web-safe, and only five are commonly used. Challenge your brand to stand out! – Jason Cranford Teague


  • Walt Disney was told Snow White would hurt people’s eyes and Disneyland was a terrible idea. – Chris Chapman 
  • “Thinking about being in the moment and being in the moment are not the same thing.” – Kristina Robbins 
  • The world is not changed by people who sort of care. – Sally Hogshead 
  • “Don’t call yourself a creative if all you do is what your ‘client’ wants.” – Peleg Top 
  • You’ve only got 9 seconds to make an introduction. On the other side of that door: a relationship. – Sally Hogshead
  • Pay it forward. Be a mentor. – Karan Cushman. In the Boston area? Contact about their corporate reverse mentoring program


  • You don’t need every color in the universe. You just need the beautiful ones. – Gael Towey
  • Limitations push creativity.  – Brian Miller 
  • You can’t measure everything. Invisible creative process leads to measurable activity. – Chris Chapman
  • White space is so important. It allows your eyes to breathe. – Jason Cranford Teague
  • Quick. Go smell a box of crayons, it’s proven to increase blood flow to make you more creative. – Chris Chapman
  • You cannot think like an adult and make great things. – Chris Chapman
  • White space is so important. It allows your eyes to breathe and not miss anything! – Jason Cranford Teague
  • Trust the creative process. It always works. – Chris Chapman
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