Preparing Your Facebook Timeline Page For Greater Engagement

Now that Facebook is allowing brand pages to utilize the new timeline layout, take advantage of how timeline can tell more of your biotech brand story for greater engagement.

Jim Belosic, CEO of ShortStack wrote a great article about how you can prepare your company’s Facebook page for the new timeline layout showing your history through a visual, reverse-chronological order. Here is a summary of the piece and how preparing now for your timeline page can shape the way viewers think about your biotech brand. 

Evaluate Your Current Social Media Strategy
This is perfect time to evaluate the effectiveness of your overall social media strategy. How well are you engaging with your audience? Biotech brands that are proficient with engaging their audience will do well with Facebook’s new format as it offers you more opportunities to connect and tell a more complete brand story. Even though the design might look completely different, the dynamics are still the same – Facebook is a great two-way communication tool. So dive in, take advantage and start organizing your page’s content.

Preparing Your Cover Photo
One of the most captivating features of the new timeline is the cover image at the top of your page. It’s the first thing visitors see, so make sure it reinforces your biotech company’s purpose and/or your brand’s unique selling position. Use this area to your advantage by changing it out frequently – feature a new product or a special event for example.

What’s Your Story?
Timeline’s new visual and chronological layout enables biotech brands to reinforce events that happened before Facebook itself. Mark your biotech company’s milestones such as when it was founded, certain research developments, product launches, first investors, etc. Showcase your biotech brand’s personality and startup story –– it’s a great opportunity to get visitors excited about where you are headed today.

Time for Spring Cleaning
It’s good time to evaluate both the content and the people you have involved in building your Facebook timeline presence and decide what is necessary going forward. Is there any information that needs to be modified? Maybe you have some new research videos or promotional data that could be added. And you’ll want to make sure your location information is up-to-date as one of the new features of timeline is a map.

Click here to read the complete article: Timeline for Brands: How to Prepare for Your Company’s New Facebook Page


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