Tips for Measuring Your Brand’s Social Media Health

Here are a few key performance indicators for measuring and optimizing the potential of your biotech brand’s social media efforts.

Jacqueline Zenn from Social Logic has written a great article about how to evaluate your brand’s social media health. Below is our summary of the article and how your biotech brand can more effectively use social media for networking and greater consumer engagement.

Social media has become an everyday language for networking and building consumer engagement for many biotech brands. And with the endless amount of data available it’s tough to determine what metrics really matter. How do you measure whether your social media presence is making a difference? Here are a couple of quick and simple tips for monitoring your biotech brand’s social media health.

Is Your Network Growing?
This is a lead indicator of the consumer awareness of your biotech brand. How many people are actually talking about your latest research or a recent product launch? Is your social media network growing? A week-by-week or month-by-month tracking system is a good way to measure the overall social media health of your biotech brand.

Monitor Your Share of Voice
Review the total number of mentions of your brand verses the competing brands with tools like Social Mention. Your brand’s share of voice can help determine whether you need to work harder to earn more of the conversation to really own your brand’s USP.

Review Engagements
Social media is a conversation. Every reply or comment you receive on a tweet or blog post can help you understand consumer feelings towards your brand. The more you engage the more likely your audience is to respond, care about your brand, buy what it has to offer and ultimately, share that brand loyalty with others.

Brand Ambassador Mentions
Track mentions by those you feel are “key influencers” for your brand. Due to their substantial and loyal social media following, influencers can become valuable ambassadors of your brand. As they follow and discuss your latest research or products your targeted social communities grow.

Check Referring Traffic
Many social campaigns have the goal of driving traffic to specific places such as a product page of your website in hopes of creating greater awareness and conversion rates. Hopefully if your brand’s media communication is increasing, so will hits to your website or blog. Google Analytics is a great tool that helps you track how much traffic is being referred to your biotech site via other social channels.

Beyond The Numbers
Measuring your social media efforts is not just a numbers game. It’s critical that you also evaluate what people are saying about your biotech brand. How do they feel about your brand, research or products? Are you listening and continuing the conversation effectively?

To read the full article: 9 Ways to Measure your Brand’s Social Media Health

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