Top Tweets from the BIO International Convention 2013 on Social Media and our Market

BIO International Convention offers key networking and partnering opportunities, and provides inspiration on all major trends affecting the biotech industry. Every year more attendees are embracing social media by sharing their thoughts from BIO on Twitter. Here’s our pick of top tweets around social media and our market.

Michelle Gallaher @biomelb
Vic Minister for Technology offers condolences from Melbourne to Boston today at #bio2013 in Chicago

I Am Biotech @IamBiotech
BIO Business Forum partnering events allow orgs to increase visibility, attract partners & pitch their biz.

LillyPad @lillypad
Innovations don’t matter if patients don’t have access to it.” “Empowering patients with 2 way social media does help.”

O’Connor (Eli Lilly) gives advice 2 biotech & nonprofits using social media 2 get message out: “Talk like a human online.”

Eupraxia Pharma @Eupraxia_Pharma
Do you think crowd funding will work for biotech?

Amrita CEO/MD @AmritaCEO
The answers are in the crowd?

LillyPad @lillypad
Social media allows us to engage at every level of a policy debate. Digital is about collaboration, transformation and you.

I Am Biotech @IamBiotech
This new is *huge*. First Alzheimer’s Prevention Trial in Full Swing 

LillyPad @lillypad
Gingberg of GHLForg: It takes a village. We have to do this together. And we can, through social media.

O’connor (Lilly): Don’t shy away from debate.” “Engage critics.”

LillyPad @lillypad
We’re seeing a better response from Twitter than from the PR Newswire” – Scott Williams of @menshlthnetwork

Amy O’Connor @modernmeds
Digital communication is valuable tool for advocacy when talking to Congress-80% of Congressional staff is on Facebook.

BioSpace @biospace365
Embracing the Digital World: Finding Your Voice in Online Advocacy.

LillyPad @lillypad
Providing valuable information from a unique perspective is key.

MA Life Sciences @MALifeSciences
Read why Massachusetts is the #1 place to be for biotech companies as we spend our last day at #BIO2013

I Am Biotech @IamBiotech
Interesting person perspective on Biomedical R&D in the 21st Century by Dale M. Edgar:

I Am Biotech @IamBiotech
DNA sequencing and bioinformatics has evolved at a staggering pace – what challenges has that created? 

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