Karan Cushman: growing biotech brands that enrich our lives.

It’s been almost 20 years since my branding and marketing career began and, while my geography has changed, my focus to help organizations that are making a difference remains. From healthcare to biotechnology companies, national non-profits to local grass-root organizations, I’ve spent my career helping companies market the products and services that enhance our quality of life.

My southern roots enabled me to work with large lifestyle brands like Coca-Cola and Delta Airlines. But in 1998, I left the big cities of Dixie for Maine to join a design agency with a focus on biotechnology and healthcare. I also moved to have a better quality of life for myself. “The way life should be,” they said.

Since I have been lucky enough to work with many amazing people who are making remarkable discoveries in the fields of genetic research and pharmaceutical development, such as The Jackson Laboratory, Genzyme and Vertex Pharmaceuticals. I have also helped life science companies, like Lonza, market many products that enable researchers to advance science and medicine. And from the patient side, I have been privileged to work with numerous medical practices and non-profits that are on the frontlines of prevention and patient care, as well as organizations like the Make-A-Wish Foundation, who help families and patients endure.

Five years ago I was facing cancer myself. Soon after treatment, I started my own branding firm – Cushman Creative – with the same focus. And now as a survivor, I feel even stronger that the work being done in the biotechnology field is where the improvement in our quality of life begins.

My blog, Kelp-beds, is one way for me to pay it forward. By sharing what I’ve learned in my 20-year branding career, I hope to help empower biotech brands on the forefront of discovery to grow and flourish.

So, is life the way it should be? Five feet from the edge of the Atlantic Ocean at the Cushman Creative office life is good. Here we’re busy helping brands build loyalty. And when I’m not here I’m still busy – as a mom of two young ones, leading the romantic life of a Maine lobsterman’s wife and playing in one of the most beautiful places in the world.


Client Testimonials

“Karan Cushman and her team provided a great solution for presenting interactive tours of our global facilities on our website. The project management was fantastic. The team was easy to work with and needed little oversight, delivering a finished product that was on time and on budget.”   

 – Melissa Blind, Global Internet Marketing Manager, Genzyme Corporation


“Karan Cushman brought design excellence to The Jackson Laboratory’s website and publications. We have been proud to work with a Maine firm with national-level skills, cutting-edge design savvy and professionalism. For example, the materials developed for our 75th anniversary events won national awards, impressed our international guests and set the design standard for a whole range of Laboratory publications.”         

 Joyce Peterson, Public Information Manager, The Jackson Laboratory


“See Flash Run’ was the most successful campaign in company history. The direct mail and online-based marketing generated more leads and sales than any other effort in recent memory. As we added new products to this line, the continuing campaign built on the initial success and created a well-recognized, high-impact theme for this widely successful product group.”           

 – Mary Riley, FlashGel Product Manager, Lonza Inc.


“Our partnership with Cushman Creative increased awareness of our campaigns and streamlined how we coordinate our marketing efforts tremendously. Their dedication and support helped many more wishes come true.”  

– Tom Peaco, Executive Director, Make-A-Wish Foundation® of Maine   

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